Welcome to SVOBE

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the new website of our schools governed by Stichting Voortgezet Onderwijs van de Bovenwindse Eilanden (SVOBE) on Sint Maarten. Both Milton Peters College (MPC) and Sundial School are schools that offer challenging opportunities in education to a broad group of students. After all, our philosophy aims at genuine attention for our students: how they learn, what they learn and what they aim to achieve with their education in the future. We pay attention to the quality of education but we also focus the process of learning from one another that is: learning from our students as well as from our colleagues.  

In that sense, we aspire to be a learning organization that can reflect on its actions with an open mind and heart, willing to engage in dialogue with all concerned with the school: students, parents and other stakeholders. Our schools must be rooted in the society of Sint Maarten, considering her cultural diversity but also her individual identity.

Therefore, our educational structure embraces bilingualism. Starting from the premise that every child is blessed with an abundance of talent and that we can stimulate the development of that talent, we embrace an educational profile that is characterized by learning through activation. This approach enables us to bring the student’s intrinsic motivation to the surface: by way of craftsmanship, autonomy in learning and performance as well as goal-oriented education.   

You’ll find everything you need to know about both schools and the school board on our website.  All current information is posted on our website. On behalf of MPC and Sundial, I wish you a pleasant concerted venture.  

With kindest regards,

Mr. W.J.M. de Visser, MPM

General Director MPC and Sundial