Educational institutions

The SVOBE schools comprises the following categories in secondary education: HAVO, VWO and VSBO (VSBO which is subdivided into: TKL, PKL and PBL) and as of school year 2016-2017 CCSLC.

Bodies linked to education:

The Department of Education

The Minister of Education heads this department and is responsible for the general educational policy in Sint Maarten. The educational system has numerous laws, regulations and decrees including the compulsory number of subjects, the minimum table with regard to lessons, the examination requirements, etc. They are recorded in various publication bulletins that management has at its disposal. The department has a supervising role as well. The inspectorate of education is charged with this function.

The department of Education, Inspection OCJS is situated in the Brooks Towers in Philipsburg.
Telephone: 542 3296/542 3479
Fax: 542 3191

Another department of significance for Secondary Schools is Dienst Examens. Ms. Y. Halley is in charge of Dienst Examens.

The Competent Authority

Milton Peters College (MPC) and the Sundial school are governed by the competent authority of SVOBE and they are managed by the general director.  The staff of both schools is employed by Stichting ter Bevordering van het Voortgezet Onderwijs Bovenwindse Eilanden, abbreviation: S.V.O.B.E.

This foundation was founded in 1974.

SVOBE aims to promote secondary education and training secondary school students on Sint Maarten, irrespective of religion, in accordance with and taking into account the parents’ wishes including the religious aspect, in observance of the legal prescriptions in force. 

MPC is a comprehensive school offering education at the following levels:

  • Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) which is subdivided into: 
    • Theoretical framework oriented program (TKL)
    • Practical Oriented framework program (PKL)
    • Practical Basic Education (PBE)
  • higher general secondary education (HAVO)
  • pre-university education (VWO) and
  • as of school year 2016-2017 CCSLC (part of CXC).


The Sundial school offers education on the levels:

  • Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE), namely:    
    • Practical Oriented framework program (PKL)
    • Practical Basic Education (PBE)

 MPC didn’t always exist in the same form and structure as we now know.  For more info see “History”.