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The 'MPC experience' for students from Saba

Monday the 15th of October, 2018 former students of Femke Neunzig from Saba visited MPC to see how things go in Sint Maarten.
Quote of a student:
‘This school is as big as one of our villages’.

The children arrived at 8:00 AM and shouted from far at Femke. As soon as they stepped out of the bus she was overwhelmed with hugs.

These children attended the classes CC1A, CC1B and CC2A.

During the evaluation at the end of the day, they indicated that they would like to come back the following day. They thought that some of the students were disrespectful towards their teacher.

They made new friends and exchanged phone numbers.

The next day the MPC students were asking several teachers if the children from Saba were coming again. Our students had fun with their neighboring island students.