Four (4) MPC students represented our school in the Netherlands in the annual Olympic Moves ‘School Final’, held on June 8th, 2018 in Papendal.

Kael Richards, Edky Pinthievre, Aukje van Kuiken, Jurrien Brown, Jamal Ireland

A delegation consisting of five (5) persons, including one teacher, travelled to the Netherlands from the 1st of June until the 10th of June 2018 where they visited different schools and participated in the Olympic Moves.

The costs of this educational and sports trip, were covered by the generous donations from the sponsors and fundraising activities organized by the students.

Milton Peters College wants to thank the companies and organizations that helped to finance this year’s Olympic Moves Project. We are very pleased with our accomplishments. Our team became 4th in the largest high school sports competition in the Netherlands! This achievement would not have been possible without the generous contributions from:
Tjon Ajong & Associates, Beachbar & Restaurant Karakter, Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland in St. Maarten, HBN Law, Nagico, Philipsburg – Maho Pharmacy, BZSE Attorneys At Law, LEXWELL Attorneys At Law, TelEm Group, Windward Island Bank, Boekhoudt Notary Office, ACE, Windward Roads, ORCO Bank, Mingo Civil Law Notary Office and SVOBE.