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Students from the pre-military College in The Netherlands to help in repairing Irma affected houses

In the period of October 8 through October 17th 2018 four (4) students of the VEVA College in Tilburg (the Netherlands) together with one of their teachers worked on houses that the White and Yellow Cross, Sint Maarten is rebuilding. They worked on this project, building wooden shutters and painting houses, along with students and teachers of the construction department at MPC.

The 4 students, Niek, Koen, Tom and Enrico, collected 6000 euro via fundraising to donate to the reconstruction project of the White and Yellow Cross.

In order to save on their budget and give every penny of the donation to this project, the students and teacher stayed in one of the dressing rooms at the gym. As future soldiers they often often sleep under challenging conditions!

In the beginning of their stay, early in the week, the students gave workshops on military distinguishing signs and camouflage to our students. As our students were very enthusiastic many questions were asked to these pre-military students.

Therefore we thank Niek, Koen, Tom, Enrico and their teacher for being here and together with our local students do something very valuable for the citizens in need in Sint Maarten.