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Introduction week VSBO, CCSLC & Havo/Vwo school year 2018-2019


The 2018/19 school year started with the VSBO-TKL/PKL/PBL department riding the wave of success of their latest exam results and their above average promotion rate through all grade  levels.

Teachers were applauded for their tremendous efforts of the previous year in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. They too were encouraged to ride the wave of their success in the current school year and on into the future.

The students were met this week with the enthusiasm of their teachers as a week long orientation program allowed them to start forming relationships with their teachers and fellow classmates.

Activities, excursions and dialog were used not only to strengthen the essential bonds to academic success but also to foster the critical thought processes necessary for their educational and professional successes in the future.

The VSBO-PKL/PBL department’s goals for this year are the further implementation of IT as a more integral part of daily classroom instruction along with strengthening ties with parents and piloting automotive repair as a possible new addition to courses offered.

Additional plans include continued research into CCSLC and CVQ as a possible alternative to the VSBO system which would not only add additional study possibilities but also open technical study to all as the language of instruction would be in English.


Management VSBO-PKL/PBL                                                                                                 ManagementVSBO-TKL & CCSLC

Vital Carty                                                                                                                       Ivette Franca

Richard Garrin                                                                                                                Romayne Benjamin / Ruth Rudolfina

Richard Woods                                                                                                               Raymond Romney 

                                                                                                                                       Donnis Chapman


On the first day the students met their mentors and classmates. Thus far, the students have been participating in various activities. The main objectives of these activities are to stimulate the bonding process, to motivate and (re)familiarize the students with Milton Peters College. The students have also gone on excursions. Thus far the students have been enthusiastically taking part in the introduction week activities and most of all enjoying the various activities. A few of the activities and excursions are scavenger hunts on the premises, visiting the Fort, hiking to the Natural Pool, workshops about planning and dealing with stress and motivational speakers from within our community. 


Management Havo/Vwo 

Naomi Richardson

Jasmin Hanson

Jacqueline Duggins