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SXM Day November 11

On Friday November 10th, 2017 our schools (MPC and Sundial school) had their pre-SXM day celebration. The celebration was, given the circumstances, a success and very enjoyable. The students showed their creativity and talents.

Our pre SXM day celebration was based on the aftermath of hurricane Irma September 6, 2017 and the devastation of our beautiful Island St. Martin, by having our students actively engage in the Building St. Maarten Back Better through their perspective.  As assignments they had to:

  • Within their sector: choose a topic and do a 5 minutes presentation on their topics, using power point, poster, poem/song & other. The Presentation had to include a synopsis of how it was before and the necessary changes to make it better;
  • Design a t-shirt: I survived Hurricane Irma – Category 5+;
  • Decorate homeroom with accessories in connection with the flag colors (red, blue, & white) and the National Weather Service wind band colors.