Thank you for your support and donation

On September 6th, 2017 Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and devastated several islands.
St. Maarten was not spared. The second worst hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, hit us head on and devastated our beautiful island. In less than 24 hours, life as we knew it was, changed forever.

Our schools MPC and Sundial were not left unscathed. The hurricane left us with fewer classrooms, much debris and damaged school materials. However with the assistance of dedicated staff members and the    military we were able to reopen our school doors on October 2, 2017. We first welcomed back the students of the pre- and exams classes, followed by the rest of the classes later the same week. Teachers who were evacuated have returned and have resumed their duties at school. Students who were evacuated are still gradually returning home.

The catastrophe that was hurricane Irma and its aftermath will live on in the history books and in the minds of most if not all of us. With this in mind, the management and care teams of the schools organized a psychological first aid session for every member of our staff. Tailored activities were also developed that guided teachers through the first introduction days with their students. The mental well-being of each person on our team is essential to our mission of educating the youth of this island and as such is one of our priorities.
The road to recovery will be a long one for each of us personally, for our school and for our island. Many of our colleagues have either lost homes, are staying elsewhere or are living in damaged homes. Additionally, our organization suffered a huge personal loss. We lost our dear colleague Edith Richardson and in many ways this had an even greater impact on our schools than the hurricane. Yet still staff members return to our schools every day, sometimes energetic but often very tired. Each and every person within our organization is in one way or the other contributing to the process of  recovery, while most of us are going above and beyond the call of duty. The resilience and sacrifice of our teachers and staff members is admirable and sincerely  appreciated.

The reconstruction of our schools and community must not only be aimed at the physical infrastructures.
This recovery presents us with the unique opportunity to look critically at the quality and sustainability of our education. As we all know, the economic, cultural and moral progress of a nation rises or falls with the quality of education. No one can doubt this. However, education does not always seem to be the top priority in the recovery of countries following a (natural) disaster. Our contribution to the development of Sint Maarten should be to work together with complete conviction to further develop the quality of our education and the attention we give to our students. Our building blocks are our   inspiration, our knowledge and insights.
Sharing that with the future administrators of the country of Sint Maarten, our students, is great challenge. 

With all the above in mind, the support we have begun and continue to receive, in the interest of our students, our children and the future of education in Sint Maarten means more than words can ever express. Therefore we (management, staff and students of Milton Peters College and the Sundial school) say a heartfelt thank you to The Red Cross, VKS, Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Rotary Mid Isle, International school of Curaçao (ISC), Radulpus College, Philips van Horne College, Lions Club Nederland, Sintermeerten College, Ubbo Emmius College, Metameer College, Over Betuwe College, Special Media Projects (OPEN#121), Tzu Chi Foundation,  AKMOS Surinamese Foundation,  Mrs. Gomes, K1 Britannia, Jewish Community, Ocean Generation, Mrs. C. Houweling, Comenius College, IVP,  Hollywood Casino, Karel en Marian van Rooij, Sjoerd de Wit en Karen Garcia, Karel de Grote College, Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst, the South Reward Community Council, Gulliver School in Miami, International Liquor & Tobacco Trading N.V. (ILTT), Ministerie van OCW Nederland, Rebuild SXM Foundation, military groups  for both school, Jacqueline Morris, our own care team and everyone else who have, in one way or the other, contributed.