Graduates pick up their grades list!



We want to congratulate all the HAVO / VWO students that passed their exams. Today many of the students could pick up their grades list. The list of names will soon be published.


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Practical Exams PKL/PBL started

Practical Exams Started:

The practical exams for PKL/PBL have started. Students are working very hard to complete their practical assignments.
The central written exam will start in May. The students can be seen in action during their practical exams on the pictures below.


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CARWASH; I CAN Foundation.

Zaterdag 29 maart

CARWASH for the I CAN Foundation. Lots of drinks, lots of food and a lot of fun for a good cause. Sponsored by Kooyman, Cost-U-Less and Domino’s Pizza. A great success!

Teachers get diploma for WIEMS training


SVOBE wants to congratulate the teachers that got their WIEMS diploma. This regarding the safety of our students and colleagues. The WIEMS training consists of:

Preparatory: Roles and Responsibilities, Well-being of the Emergency Medical Responder, Medical Direction, Quality Improvement, Personal Protection, Scene Safety, Medical/Legal, Human Anatomy, Lifting and Moving

Airway: Basic Airway Management, Oxygen Delivery Systems and Techniques Adjuncts, Oxygen Therapy

Patient Assessment: Scene Size-up, Initial Assessment, Vital Signs and History Taking, Assessment of Trauma Patients, Assessment of Medical Patients, Ongoing Assessment, Communications, Documentation 

Circulation: Management of Shock, Cardiac Emergencies, Bleeding/Wounds/Shock, Arrest Management

Illness & Injury: General Pharmacology, Respiratory Emergencies, Environmental Emergencies, Acute Abdominal Emergencies, Diabetic Emergencies, Allergic Reactions, Poisoning and Overdose, Behavioral Emergencies, Soft-Tissue Injuries, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Injuries to Head and Spine

Childbirth & Children: Obstetrical Emergencies, Gynecological Emergencies, Childbirth and Complications, Care of the Newborn, Assessing the Pediatric Patient, Medical Emergencies in Kids, Airway Management in Pediatrics, Trauma Emergencies and Care in Kids

First Aid and CPR / AED courses are designed to teach lay and professional rescuers the basic life support skills needed to render emergency care when needed. The knowledge of what to do in an emergency, and perhaps even more importantly, what not to do could make the difference between life and death or permanent disability