Financial Contributions

The fee for educational material & book funds (EMBF) is as follows:

1st child: ANG 850,00 or USD 472.00
2nd child: ANG 800,00 or USD 444.50
3rd child: ANG 750,00 or USD 417.00
4th child: ANG 750,00 or USD 417.00 (end of discount) 

Note: If you have e.g. 3 children, your total fee will be 850+800+750= ANG 2.400,00

Payment Instructions:

When paying the fee for educational material & book funds please state:

Your child’s full name 
The name of the school type (VSBO-TKL, VSBO-PKL/PBL, Havo/Vwo, CCSLC)
The class (1, 2, 3…) etc.

Payment should be made in full. If you are unable to make the full payment then you can pay in installments. In order to do so, first contact the school's financial administration.
Minimum installment to deposit on the account must be:
First Payment minimum ANG 350, -- or US$ 195.00 per child and the rest by standing order. Please note that the entire fee for educational material & book funds must be paid in full by December 1st of the school year.

Payments via:

The Winward Islands Bank
WIB account numbers: USD 22509402 & ANG 22509500

WIB offers three options for the payment of rental fee for educational material.
Over the counter deposits at all branches. Free of charge.

WIB@HOME for personal account holders. Free of charge.
WIBDirect for companies. The fee for WIBDirect transfer is ANG. 1,00 per transaction.

RBC Bank
RBC account number: USD 8200000404096279 & ANG 8200000005441167