Vacation & Time Off Requests

Summer vacation

1st until 12th of August


Fall vacations

3rd until 7th of October


Constitution day

10th of October


St. Martin day

11th of November



21sh of December until 3rd of January

2016 / 2017

Midterm vacation

27th and 28th of February


Easter break

12th until 17st of April 


Carnaval and Kings day

24th of April until 3rd of May


Ascension Day

25th and 26th of May


Summer vacation

5th until 31st of July first school day starts at 14th of August 2017


Your child may travel during the authorized school vacation times and dates. Any exceptions must be processed and approved by the Inspectorate of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (Truancy Office Dept).When can your child travel?

If you must travel with your child during official school days, you must request these days at the office of the Inspectorate of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (Truancy Office Dept.). The law provides a few acceptable reasons for exemption.

Documents needed for an application for exemption are:

1.     Legal Identification for student & Parent/Guardian/Person travelling with student

2.     Proof Documentation to support the request

3.     Travel Itinerary for student and person travelling with student

Please review the entire Information Booklet on Compulsory Education from the Educational Department Inspection Division for further details.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1721 5423479