Code of Conduct

That’s how it’s done at MPC/Sundial:

1. We respect each other and follow the instructions given by each and every staff member at school.

2. We keep our school and the surroundings clean and beautiful.

3. We carry no weapons whatsoever.

4. We do not smoke at school, don’t use drugs or come to school intoxicated or under the influence.

5. We do not carry mobile phones, electronic audio equipment and or cameras with us.

6. We wear our uniforms every day in accordance with the rules in force.

7. We go to class on time and observe the rules regarding tardiness and attendance.

8. We always have our materials (books, copybooks, pens, calculators etc.) with us.

9. We never abandon a classroom without permission when the teacher has not arrived as yet.

10. During our free periods we remain exclusively in the schoolyard in the vicinity of the canteen.

11. In cases where the 10 rules are not provided for, the management of MPC and Sundial decides.