Social worker

Students come to school, intent on obtaining their diploma. At times, matters don’t run that smoothly. Events in students’ lives sometimes obstruct their due performance. Their results drop below the norm; some even consider dropping out or feel uncomfortable in the group. At first, students will try to find a solution independently, possibly with support from the home circle, friends or the mentor. If that doesn’t work, they might refer to the social worker. The social worker at Milton Peters College is Mrs. Milangela Thomas Francisca.

The social worker listens to the students and joins them in searching for ways to help them function better. Sometimes all it takes is just a few conversations and most students get back on track. Oftentimes discussing their troubles with someone suffices for some students.  But sometimes students require aid and support for a longer period or they are better served by getting support from an institution. Together with the students and parents, Mrs. Thomas-Francisca examines what institution best serves the purpose in question. All conversations are confidential.