Welcome to TKL

As Department Head of the VSBO-TKL I, Ivette Jesserun-Franca, would like to welcome Parents / Guardians / Grandparents, the business world, students and other interested people to our VSBO-TKL website.

VSBO-TKL means Voortgezet Secundair Beroeps Onderwijs-Theoretisch Kadergerichte Leerweg.

We offer secondary academic mid- level education. People in our community still refer to our TKL as  MAVO.

Compared to the old MAVO system, the TKL is more focused on delivering all rounded students, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. We want to help form our students into responsible people who know their strengths and weaknesses and are capable of being an example to other young people and the community as a whole.




As Department Head I can honestly say that our coordinators, teachers and other staff members are very dedicated to give our students the type of education that will bring out the best in them!

With this website we wish to keep you informed. For more information pertaining to the TKL department we encourage you to feel free to visit or contact us.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Ivette Jessurun-Franca, Departement Head VSBO-TKL.

Ruth Rudolfina, coördinator 1st & 2nd form