Foundation Based Secondary Vocational Education VSBO

What is V.S.B.O.?

V.S.B.O. means Voorgezet Secundair Beroeps Onderwijs and is a new type of secondary education on St. Maarten and the entire Netherlands Antillies.

In Holland this form of education is called V.M.B.O.

With the cooperation of the business community and following developments in vocational education, V.S.B.O. offers a solid foundation of general knowledge, combined with vocational preparation. 

Goal of V.S.B.O.?

V.S.B.O. has three major goals. Through a wide foundation this type of education contributes to:  

  • Personal development of the student, so that they can function independent, critical and constructive in our society.
  • The development of the student so that they can participate in social life in general in the society.
  • Professional development, developing their knowledge, ability and attitude so that they can work at a profession or continue their vocational education at a more advanced school for vocational education.

The study at V.S.B.O. is for a duration of 4 years. This consists of two years Foundation Based Education (Basisvorming) followed by two years preparation for a vocation. Thereafter students are expected to flow into S.B.O. (Secondary Vocational Education)


Students who have completed elementary school are admitted to V.S.B.O. These students have to meet the admittance norms as stipulated in the admittance procedures of the Foundation for Secondary Education. St. Maarten. Students entering from other schools are admitted based on the information from that school and are placed accordingly.

The first two years of V.S.B.O.

All students coming from elementary school are placed in the first cycle that lasts for two years. After those two years students are placed in a particular division within cycle two based on a determination process. Cycle two also lasts for a period of two years, during this period the student is prepared for a vocation.