Language & Numeracy policy

Language policy

You use language throughout the learning process: You listen to a teacher’s explanation, you read texts in class you do homework assignments at home, you ask questions and conversely you are asked questions you formulate answers verbally as well as in writing. Language is important for communication. This is certainly true when it comes to learning.   

At H/V and TKL level, the language of instruction is Dutch; this also applies to some subjects in PKL and PBL. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to that language; not just as a subject, but also as a means towards mastering other subjects. After all: all the other subjects are linked to language. 

Matters such as vocabulary, grammar and spelling are indispensable tools for your message. Most naturally, these supportive subjects are given the fullest attention. Acquiring language proficiency is absolutely essential. But learning through a language - especially one that represents a foreign language for many of our students that is the essence of our language policy.  

Numeracy policy

In the coming school years the pass/fail norms in secondary education will change on a number of points. Among others, there are additional requirements with regard to the level of our students’ arithmetic skills. 
In concrete terms, a mathematics test will be introduced at all levels of secondary education. As a school, it is our task to prepare the students well in terms of substance for this and other developments. Therefore both schoolsMPC as well as Sundial, are introducing an active policy for arithmetic starting this school year. In mathematics classes, but also in classes in which arithmetic skills are addressed, special attention will be paid to teaching arithmetic skills. The coordination is done by our arithmetic coordinator Ms. Anouschka Shewpersad. Besides the fact that the various school subjects will place extra focus on arithmetic, additional arithmetic lessons will be given as well. From the first class onwards, the development of all students in terms of their arithmetic skills will be monitored. This will be done through diagnostic arithmetic tests, so that students, parents and teachers will be aware of the student’s development.


We want to prepare our students well for the new final exam requirements in terms of substance via a focused and proactive policy for arithmetic skills.