Welcome to PKL/PBL

We would like to welcome you to Milton Peters College VSBO – PKL/PBL, better known as the P-Department.

Here in the P-department vocational education is our business and we are dedicated to our clients, our students and parents, with the emphasis on developing all aspects of the student.

Over the years we have graduated many students that have gone on to further there studies in Holland, the United States and other countries around the world.

We are proud to say that many have moved on to careers in the technical field that have lead to high ranking and high paying positions here on St. Maarten and abroad.

With our state of the art classrooms we can only expect the same and better from our current students and those that choose to attend our school in the future.

2nd & 3rd Form Coordinator - Richard Garrin
Exam Class Coordinator - Sergio Blomont